Ora et labora
~St. Benedict

Friday, November 21, 2014

Flexible Homeschooling Moment

Have you ever had one of those days where your energy is depleted and you just can not seem to get things done to your satisfaction? I'm assuming we have all felt this way a time or two or three, unless you are actually a robot.

What about those days where you are in the mommy zone? Yes, everything comes together without a hitch!

I thought I was experiencing the latter of the two: boys up early, animals and people fed, & out of the door with everyone feeling contented and time to spare.

We pull up to sewing class and I get a prime parking spot, but wait where are all the other cars?  Uhm, where are the other people?

I was so on top of it all that I got us to class one day early! After a minute of regrouping, we decided to grab some hot beverages and go on a sculpture walk through town.

We discovered that this little girl is actually reading a story that looks a lot like "Charlotte's Web."

Hey Diddle Diddle, it's amazing what one can find when not looking from a car window. We have passed by some of these sculptures a million times and did not notice the "details." Ha, we got a kick out of the sneakers on the armadillo's back feet!

"Rock, Paper, Scissors" happened to be their favorite!

We couldn't figure out why this guy was deemed the statue of "Knowledge." His fingers were doing a weird thing, but Big T made it work.

Hands down, the best impromptu day!

My hams and their new friends.

My favorite...these pieces are so beautiful, notice the face at the top of Little T's instrument.

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