Ora et labora
~St. Benedict

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bow Wow Reading Program

Today was a day gone to the dogs!  TnT happlily volunteered their services at the Austin Dog Alliance to help train Bow Wow Reading canines. 

These wonderful therapy dogs and their handlers volunteer to help children that struggle with reading. They go into various settings, like schools and libraries to provide companionship and fun reading opportunities.

The kids' job was to get these brilliant dogs ready for future service. The dogs need to be used to children making noises and trying to get their attention. They were all involved in several mock scenarios to see how the dogs would react. They pet them, acted anxious, waved people food around, and pretended to get angry near the therapy dogs and their handlers.

TnT with Bella

Each animal did a wonderful job, and the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They also got some unique story-time in and were able to read to the dogs.

Big T in Bella's reading group.
Little T reading to Dakota.

Friday, November 18, 2011

When in Drought

Texas has been hit with one of the worst droughts in history. The summer was a red hot scortcher, so creative play that also kept the kids cool was a major plus.  Although, ice play could be enjoyed in the snow too and last a lot longer than in the 100+ weather.

All ages can get in on the fun!
Let it melt, clean-up is easy.
Freeze in variety of shapes & add food coloring to liven things up.

We Realize the World is Round!

Ha, we did not fall off the edge of the Earth.  Family happenings and a move caused blogging to go on hold for a while...errr, a long while.  Well, now I am back & will be updating and adding soon.