Ora et labora
~St. Benedict

Friday, March 30, 2012

Leftover tortillas

This is what we ended up making with our last of the Colorful Tortillas.  Well, we had three plain ones left and one pink one.  TnT placed them in the oven at 350 degrees to crisp up for a few minutes. Once cool, the boys lightly flicked water onto them with their fingers and then sprinkled stevia and cinnamon on top.

Next, we dressed 'em up with scoops of vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream and butterscotch chips...yum!

I just might be a homeschooling mom if...

I wear a birthday hat made by my children that reads "It's My B-day."

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Colorful tortillas

Little T has been anticipating homemade tortilla day for a while and when he asked to make colorful tortillas, I was all for it.  Oh, and there just so happened to be neon food coloring in the pantry too (insert crazy baker laugh).

We adapted an Authentic Mexican Tortilla recipe to meet our zany needs.

First, Little T measured out and combined the ingredients, followed by cutting in the shortening with two butter knives.

The dough started coming together, even though ours looked like cauliflower at first.

                                                   After letting the dough rest for over an hour,
                                                   in came our reinforcements for the fun stuff.

Some pieces of dough were left plain, while others used no more than two drops of food coloring per ball.  TnT kneaded until each drop of color was dispersed just how they wanted it.


Rolling and cooking commenced.

Our vibrant tortillas!