Ora et labora
~St. Benedict

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feed the Birds

We decided to make bird cakes for our feathered friends that still grace our backyard.  A memory of the old woman feeding the birds in Mary Poppins came to mind, and the lyrics were quickly printed so we could sing while we prepared our special treats.

Naturally, the boys sang their own renditions of the song to make it quite silly and entertaining.  Little B found TnT's theatrics to be very amusing and joined in with some dancing and singing of his own.

The recipe we semi followed came from Family Fun, called Birdseed Biscuit.  I found that the original recipe was too dry and the birdseed did not adhere properly, so corn startch was added to the water and flour and drizzled onto each cake.  We also used silicone cupcake liners, because that is what we had on hand.

TnT really enjoyed this project, as well as Little B and is suitable for ages 2-10 years old.



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