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~St. Benedict

Monday, September 10, 2012

Give and take

Let us travel back to 1973...well, even though I was not born yet, I still appreciate this video of The Giving Tree, narrated by Shel Silverstein.  Little T thought it most curious too and watched in silence and contemplation.

I did not usher my opinion of the video, but waited too see what Little T thought.  He did quite a bit of thinking and we ended up talking about it for days. He was sad for the tree and upset at the greedy boy.  He also developed a sense of disbelief and respect for the tree.  Can a tree be a hero? There were some interesting questions twirling and whirring in his mind.  One thing was for sure, the character traits of the tree proved to be valuable to my 7 year old.

This video has inspired us to make our own tree in our school room...stay tuned!


  1. I can't believe how simple animation was back then!
    I want to let you know I'm sending you the blogging Liebster Award! Your blog inspires or lightens my spirit each time I read it.

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  3. In my best Yoda voice: A lot late I am, thank you very much Michelle!