Ora et labora
~St. Benedict

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Turning Around an Aversion to Reading

Okay, so we have one child in our house that loves to read and the other not so much.  In fact, Little T has such disdain for reading that when it is mentioned, he runs in the opposite direction and whining ensues.

Instead of forcing him to sit down and sound out words and put together sentences, I have to be a bit more creative with this child.

Today I took some neon colored index cards and started writing out labels for things in our backyard.  My intention was to go out beforehand and put up the cards on each appropriate item and then have Little T come outside to see the correlation of each marker with its object.

However, a wonderful thing occurred!  Little T picked up the stack of cards and started sounding out each one and affixing them himself.  He is so pleased with the cards and wants to make more.  He asked if he could write the word "stone" to place on one of the pavers.



  1. This is so Montessori and awesome!! You are a great teacher and mom.