Ora et labora
~St. Benedict

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Artistic Valentine's cards

This project rates on the craft scale as easy peasy!

Here are the supplies you will need:

paint tray - paint brushes - rubber cement - water colors or watered down paint - water color paper

Have your artist drip, scrape, & brush the rubber cement onto the water color paper. Sky's the limit here; abstract creativity, purposeful design, or a combination of the two can create some beautiful art.

Let the glue dry for about 10-15 minutes. It can feel tacky to the touch, just not wet in order to paint.

ne pas déranger l'artiste
do not disturb the artist                                                    no molestar el artista

Cut out cards after masterpieces are dry!


  1. I love these! Very beautiful cards! Wish I had time to actually blog on my page. Trying to just get caught up on all my pics!

  2. Thank you! And yes, blogging does take time, but it's so nice to have something to look back on with your children. All my blogging is usually done late at night.