Ora et labora
~St. Benedict

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Creative children

Our children conjure up the most wild and delightful ideas, some more messy than others, but nevertheless they are always busy creating.

Big T writes very inventive stories and really puts his heart and soul into developing games, greeting cards, and gifts for others.  One of my favorite gifts to receive from him are his massage certificates and boy, does he deliver!  I can honestly say that I will never find a more unique massage technique than his, which is enhanced with marbles and race cars.  Hey, do not knock it until you try it...a race car massage is simply divine.

Little T seems to make things out of whatever is available. He loves to collect containers, paper, business cards, and whatever else he finds interesting.  To him, everything has a use and should not be thrown away. I find myself sneaking to the garbage bag sometimes to throw away, well... "trash." Most of the time I save stuff for him because I know he will enjoy it, but once I start finding an over abundance of things like egg carton containers, paper towel rolls, and boxes, then I have to take action. One day he may be some kind of green environmentalist, a super engineer, or fast track architect, or perhaps I may be cultivating a hoarder.  Whatever it is he decides to be (he says a basketball playing doctor chef), he certainly is a lot of fun in the meantime. 

I relish the fact that TnT are imaginative boys who are free and able to dream.  It is such a blessing to homeschool and witness the little things, nuances that I may miss otherwise.

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