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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mother's Day Gift

Here is a simple Mama's Day gift that can be made at home!  I used Microsoft Word and just imported some of my favorite pictures. I'll have the boys and my God-daughter fill them out as a little side activity from our normal Friday history reading.

And yep, I made this sheet up and have no qualms about giving it to my children to fill out.  I'll close my eyes of course and place them in an envelope until Sunday. Oh and my God-daughter's will of course go to her sweet mom.  

History has proven that you are
the very best mother for me because you know my heart!
You are special to me because _________________________________

My favorite thing to do with you is _____________________________

I think you are the most _______________ in the whole world!

If you were famous, it would be for ____________________________.

I find comfort in your _____________________________________.

I thank you for _________________________________________.

Your smiles, hugs, and kisses make me feel ________________________.

One day, I’d like to __________________ just like you!

God put us together because __________________________________.

Love Always,

Here is another one set in a slightly different format for grandma: 

An Oma is special, but you are extra
special because you belong to me!

I like seeing you because _____________________________________________.

I love the way you _________________________________________________.

Your ___________________ is great!

I have fun with you by _____________________________________________.

I like when you __________________________________________________.

You are the best at _______________________________________________.

Your secret talent is ______________________________________________.

If you were famous, you’d be famous for __________________________________.

I’d like to _________________ with you one day!

Love Always,

I printed these out using card stock for extra durability. The beauty of this easy, but heartwarming project is you can customize your own with different wording, adding borders, or whatever tugs at those mom heartstrings. BTW, I think this format is great to use on small kids all the way up through teens. My husband is graciously filling out the one from our baby to me, can't wait!

Happy Mother's Day, may we count our blessings!

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