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~St. Benedict

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fall wind you can touch.

Okay, so we live in Texas and sometimes we don't have definite seasons.  Our Fall lesson today focused on wind and TnT used tissue paper as a tactile respresentation.

This is a very simple project & it provided us with 45 minutes of additional creative play too. Items you'll need: tissue paper, glue stick, scissors, tape, plastic leaves, berries, and twigs.

1. Gather some tissue paper (any color) & select 1st piece.  Scrunch a portion of the paper and tape to make handle.  The handles come in handy with smaller children, as they can run around the room with it & pretend to be the wind.  You can skip this step if you prefer or just make some with handles.

2.  Lay everthing out on a table & have your children decorate his/her wind piece.  Side note, this would make great gift wrapping too.

3.  Let your children get creative! Ours decided to cut some of the edges.

The more wind pieces that are made, the more FUN!

We ran around the house with our wind and made breezes, released them from a stair case, and the boys' favorite activity was using the box fans to create high speed wind.

Here is a video of TnT having fun with their creations:

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