Ora et labora
~St. Benedict

Monday, November 15, 2010

Little T makes dinner.

The boys are always in the kitchen with me, so I got them involved in cooking and baking before they could even walk.  They are in charge of setting the table and sometimes they like to prepare entire meals, and other times they assist in a couple of tasks before they are onto something else.

Usually it's Big T that lingers longest in the kitchen, but Little T decided he wanted to help and make a full meal.  We set up stations on three separate counters so he could have a clear work station. 

First, we started with cracking open the eggs...a favorite of both boys & they are quite proficient at it now.

Then he seasoned the meat.

Next he dipped the meat in egg and flour.

Last, he opened up the gravy packet, measured out the water, and mixed it up.

He ended up saving me lots of time, since he was able to work mostly on his own.  I was able to fry up the meat in no time.  Team work got dinner out faster, which the whole family enjoyed.

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