Ora et labora
~St. Benedict

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Themes & Calendar Days for Jan. 2011

There are tons of things to study and have fun with in the month of January!  It is Eye Care, Hot Tea, National Blood Donor, National Braille Literacy, National Hobby, National Soup, National Staying Healthy, National Thank You, and Oatmeal Month.

The boys and I may not be able to recognize all of these days, but I am sure we will get creative with a few:

1-1    New Year's Day; Paul Revere's Birthday (1735)
1-2    Boo Boo Bear's Birthday
1-3    J.R.R. Tolkien's Birthday
1-4    Isaac Newton's Birthday; Jakob Grimm's Birthday; Trivia Day
1-5    National Bird Day
1-6    Epiphany; Cuddle Up Day; Bean Day; Sherlock Holme's Birthday
1-9    Static Electricity Day
1-11  Milk Day; Secret Pal Day
1-14  National Dress Your Pet Day
1-17  MLK Day; Ben Franklin's Birthday
1-18  Winnie the Pooh's Birthday
1-19  Popcorn Day
1-20  Cheese Day; Penguin Awareness Day
1-21  Hat Day
1-23  Handwriting Day
1-24  Compliment Day; Gold Discovered in CA at Stutter's Mill 1848
1-25  Opposite Day
1-26  Australia Day
1-28  Ernie's Birthday from Sesame Street
1-29  National Puzzle Day
1-30  Franklin Roosevelt's Birthday
1-31  Backward's Day